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Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, fitness, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team? Whichever level you play at, soccer can enhance your life by improving fitness and coordination.

Whether you are looking to participate casually, competitively or just volunteer to help, you'll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.


Wilson Youth Soccer

Purpose & Philosophy

1.  Provide a positive environment to teach and develop the game of soccer to all participants;

 2.  Stress that the effort put forth by the participants is more important than the game outcome;

 3.  Provide a mechanism to teach the importance of fair play and sportsmanship.  This will be taught actively by the coaching staff and demonstrated by the coaches' behavior on, and off, the field of play;

  4.  Provide a support mechanism for BWNYJSL travel, interscholastic and intramural teams of the school district;

 5.  Strive to find the best available coaches and provide development programs to further develop technical and coaching skills;

 6.  Provide the opportunity for parents to learn more about the sport, the rules, skills and practices of soccer so parents may further enjoy the game as a team sport; and,

 7.  Encourage each player to perform at his/her highest level and to contribute to the team's success.  The League will provide opportunities for the development of individual and team skills.