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2020 Tournament Rules

2020Tournament Rules for Wilson Youth Soccer League

Divisions may be combined at the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Team Roster
Team roster amounts shown on team permission form. All teams must be registered with their state, province, or national association.  Non-Region 1 teams must have a completed Permission to Travel Form at time of registration.  All players must present a valid player pass displaying: name, date of birth, and photograph (This does not pertain to the Open Division).  All players must sign a medical release form.  Roster must reflect the team as an organization unit in an established league. All guest players must be pre-approved by the Tournament Committee.  Players from the same club are not considered guest players.

Tournament Sanctioned
U.S.Y.S.A. and New York State West
New York State West Youth Soccer Association
NYSWYSA rules will govern play unless specifically noted in the tournament rules.  All referees’ decisions are final.  Any protest must be submitted to the tournament committee with a $25.00 fee.  The fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

Games and Times
All games will begin as close to scheduled time as possible.  All divisions will play two, 30-minute halves.  Game times and game lengths may be changed by the sole discretion of the tournament committee due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Qualifying Rounds
 Standings will be determined by points.  Three points for a win and one point for a tie.  One additional point for a shut-out win with the exception of a 0-0 tie. Tie-breakers are as follows:
1. Most Points
2. Head-to-Head Competition
3. Most Wins
4. Goal-Differential - max of 3/game
5. Fewest Goals Allowed
6. FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark

Finals and Playoffs
Immediately after conclusion of regulation time any ties will be decided by FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark.
#5 balls will be used with the exception of U12, U11, and U10 which will use #4 balls.  All players shall wear approved shin guards.

Substitutions are allowed in the following situations at the referee’s discretion:
1. After a goal is scored
2. Halftime
3. After an injury
4. Prior to a throw-in in your favor
5. Prior to a throw-in in your opponent’s favor if your opponent is also substituting
6. Prior to a goal kick
7. Following a Referee’s Caution Card

A team unable to field 7 players at the scheduled starting time will forfeit the match.  Three points will be awarded to the opponent and the score will be recorded as 3-0.  Any team forfeiting a match may not advance to playoffs or finals.
An ejected player will be suspended from at least the next tournament game unless decided otherwise by the Tournament Committee.  The ejected player’s pass will be retained by the Tournament Committee until it decides when the player may resume playing.  All ejections must be reported to the players home state, province, or national association.  Any penalty which cannot be fully served during the tournament, must be completed during the next regularly scheduled league game or the team’s next tournament game.

Awards will be given following the final game of each division at the Tournament Headquarters. Awards given as per information shown below.

Modified Rules for U9 & U10
•Field Size: Length: Maximum 75 yards / Minimum 65 yards
•Width: Maximum 50 yards / minimum 40 yards
•Goals: Modified U10 goals – 7 ft. x 21 ft. or 6 ft. x 18 ft. PREFERRED
•Goal area: 6 yards from the end line
•Penalty Area: 14 – 16 yards from the end line
•Penalty Spot: 10 yards from the end line
•Players: 7 vs. 7 including goalkeeper
•Roster: Maximum 14 players
•No scores will be kept
•All participants will receive awards

Modified Rules U11 & U12
•Field Size: Length: Maximum 85 yards / Minimum 75 yards
•Width: Maximum 60 yards / Minimum 50 yards
•Goals Standard full sized Goals – 8 ft. x 24 ft. or 7 ft. x 21 ft.
•Goal Area 6 yards from the end line
•Penalty Area 16 yards from the end line
•Penalty Spot 12 yards from the end line
•Players 9 vs. 9 including goalkeeper
•Roster: Maximum 18 players